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When it comes to communicating results, many variables must be analyzed and taken into account when making an investment in this or that strategy.

Thinking strategically goes far beyond creating advertising pieces and optimizing investments in “less investment, more results” math.

Results that, by the way, in order to have accurate metrics, whether they have resulted or not, must be aligned with all the points of marketing and administration of your business. What is the use, for example, of having an efficient campaign, great pieces broadcast and intelligently designed media if your customer's experience at your point of sale is poor, or if your product or service does not really offer what the campaign promises proposed? That's why we created the CatsCanFly group. A group made up of four agencies with independent operations, specialists in the most diverse areas. Our goal is to unite the ends and effectively work on your greatest need: efficient media and more than that: the set of actions designed to delight your customer from end to end of the entire process.

  • Brand building 100% 100%
  • Strategic planning 100% 100%
  • Digital marketing 100% 100%
  • Offline media 100% 100%
Conelly Master Media, Betterhead e Brow - Agências Grupo CatsCanFly
AR Ideias em Comunicação - Agência Grupo CatsCanFly

Every badly done campaign and every badly planned job, done in a hurry, has 3 infallible phases: enthusiasm, conformation and search for the culprit.

João Godoy – Chief Executive Officer



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